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Buying A Home


Curious about buying? Here are some common questions and answers.

Home Buying FAQ's

Selling A Home

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Entertaining the idea of selling? Here are some common questions and answers.

Home Selling FAQ's


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Scared to talk to a lender? Let me help with a few minor questions to ease your mind. 

Lending Questions

Buying A Home FAQ's

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Where Do I Start?

People think that heading out to search for houses is where to start. This could not be further from the truth. If you're actually interested in buying, start with a lender. Find out what you can afford. My advice: don't overspend and work with a lender that you've been referred to. Many buyers just use their bank because "they have a relationship with them." That's not how it works. Just because you give them your deposits doesn't mean they can actually get the job done when buying a house. 

How Much Do I Need To Put Down?

This is a great question for a lender. It depends on the type of loan, term of the loan and many other factors involved. There is no "one size fits all" answer to that question. Each buyer is unique. My trusted lenders can help you with these questions, free of charge.

I Can't Buy Because I Need To Pay Some Things Off, Right?

Well, you may need to but don't do this without asking a lender first. Some debt is okay debt and some debt is not. If you are dumping money into the wrong debt, it's only going to effect your buying power. Don't waste your money until you know where to put it. 

Can I Afford A House On My Income?

Great question in which I'm asked often. Renting is sky rocketing right now and you'd be surprised how a house payment can even be less than rent! Let's have you chat with a lender so that you can find out what your budget is. 

What Is Equity?

Equity is any dollar amount above what you owe on the house. For example: You buy a house for $250k and a year later your value goes up to $275k. That's $25k in equity right there. Now, if you only owe $200k on the house (because you put $50k as a down payment) then you have $75k in equity!

How Much Does A Buyer's Agent Charge?

One of the reasons I love Washington services are free to the buyer. The seller pays my fees when they are selling their house. So it does not cost you a dime to utilize my knowledge and services.

Home Selling FAQ's

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What's My House Worth?

THE most popular question to date. I can give you an estimate just from some info I can gather online but that would be a huge disservice to you. Everything I would find out it not current. This is because you may have painted, added a bathroom/bedroom, updated the kitchen...this is not information that I have at my fingertips without walking through your home. People are afraid of having agents come through because they feel trapped and that they'll fall for some selling trick. I'm not that way AT ALL! When I come through your home, it's to give you my honest opinion and nothing more. I'm not there to force anyone into listing their house. If you feel forced, the relationship is doomed from the start. 

What If My House Sells In 30 Days, Where Will I Go?

Easy peasy! If you list your house and it sells quickly, all we do is say that you're not moving out for about 60-90 days. This is called a "rent back". This means that you rent your house from the new buyers - sometimes for a fee, sometimes free. 

Why Would I List When We Don't Have A House Picked Out?

Well, definitely start looking at other homes. Sellers these days don't really want to take a contingent offer on their house(would you?). Find a few that interest you, go look, see if you're motivated to jump on something. If so, get that house for sale immediately! If you already have an offer on your house when you go to write an offer on another, the chances of it getting accepted are much higher. Worst case scenario is that you'd have to move into a temporary space after your house sells. Yes, not ideal and really sucks but 1-3 months is coming anyway, you're making a huge investment with it. I've been there myself and it isn't fun - but it's worth it! 

But I Have So Many Memories With This House!

Well, you have a bunch of memories with your car, your favorite jeans, a hat...your memories stay with you, not these items. Don't be the person who can't leave a house because little Timmy fell down on that first step and had to get his first set of stitches. You can stare at Timmy's scar from any house. The feeling of starting a whole new set of memories is just as heartwarming and wonderful as the last. 

Do I Have To Have A Sign In The Yard?

Not all. Signs aren't necessary. However, most sellers don't like signs because they're beat up, white and tacky! Well, mine are not like that at all. They're very classy and won't embarrass you in the least.

Financing Questions

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What Types Of Loans Can Fit My Income?

There are many different types of loans. Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, Rehab loans and many others. Unfortunately I cannot decide which one one is right for you since I don't dig into your finances. In fact, that's between you and a lender. I don't want to (or need to) know the specifics. Working with a Realtor that has a good working relationship with a lender is key. After the lender goes through your finances, he/she will contact the agent and basically just say a dollar amount you can afford and the type of loan you'll be given. A smooth transaction is integral when making such a huge investment. 

I Don't Think I Can Afford Anything So I Don't Want To Waste Anyone's Time

You're absolutely not wasting anyone's time. The lender's job is to find out what you qualify for and/or if you need to wait a little longer to get set up for the purchase. If now is not the time, a good lender will help you understand why you're not ready and how to get ready. This is extremely important!

Do You Know A Good Lender?

I have lenders that I trust, implicitly. I use them for my own investment properties - be it the house I live in or a rental. These lenders have been through "Lauren's 3C's test". I have run them through the ringer of communication, compatibility and competence. I have had lenders not make the cut because they either lied to the client, wasn't competent in their job or a HUGE downfall - communication! If a lender can't communicate properly while working with my clients...THEY'RE GONE!

I'll get you in touch with someone that I think will be compatible with you and your situation. 

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